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Macramé Wall Hanging 101 w/ Little Feral

Learn how to make your own macramé wall hanging!

Little Feral’s fiber artist, Kaysie Condron, is making her way from Portland, OR to share her talents and lead us through a workshop of not your typical knot tying.

Finding creative outlets is becoming more and more important all the time, and macrame is about so much more than just making beautiful decor for your home, although that's one of it's many perks! It's about finding some time for yourself, to learn something new, to find a form of expression and meditation. This class will focus on the ways in which macrame can help you unwind and relax, all while creating something beautiful.

Kaysie is an encouraging teacher and this workshop promises to be casual, informative, and fun. Set aside some self-care time, come drink some wine with us, and discover your inner creative beast. Sign Up now by clicking the link to Reserve your spot! $85 // all materials included

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