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Group Art Show At Push N' Pour All of November

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Rated RRR: Reduce Reuse Recycle

Matt of Transmigration Woodworking has been planning and working on this show for months. Not only did he put together quite the diverse selection of artists for this show, but went so far as to handcraft and provide each artist with our very own panel for the canvas. Each panel is made from reclaimed skateboard decks, Matt's signature material.

The dead edge represents waste as well as beauty; a reminder that beauty can still be to be enjoyed and created from something that may otherwise be considered waste.

I took Matt's flier and added a sneak peak of my piece in the background. Matt coined this piece "RR&R", which became "Rated RRR: Reduce Reuse Recycle". Like the majority of my work, this piece is made almost entirely out of reclaimed materials.

All pieces are available for purchase. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Boise Skateboard Association.

We look forward to seeing you tonight and hope that you find some inspiration in the work you see!

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